The more we get together, together

1 June 2010

Dear Clarice

Mummy is having a mum+babes gathering for your sake. Mummy’s friends will bring their babes to play at our house and let u befriend some new gor-gor and jie-jie.

Those who managed to turn up are  Auntie Grace and Christabelle mei-mei, Auntie Eve and Lucas di-di, Auntie Audra and Kayla jie-jie, and Auntie Pearlyn with Sara jie-jie. The gathering was pretty successful. The babies had fun playing with YOUR toys, which made u pretty nervous. U were acting up as u finished your porridge in 5-min record time. Mummy has never seen u so nervous before – u can’t wait to get down and play or u don’t want them to touch your toys?

Haha, must learn to share share, ok Clarice? Auntie Pearlyn commented u’re very “guai” as u could play independently. Auntie Eve commented on how pretty u were. All these compliments made mummy glowed and so proud of u!

Mummy hopes to have more of such gatherings so that u will learn how to socially interact and the value of sharing. The world does not revolve around us alone and it’s important to realise that.


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