The Bulldozer wins Crawling Contest

25 June 2010

Dear Clarice

You started crawling since 7 months and has progressed steadily to gain stronger legs and arms. Who would know your crawling skills would do us proud today?

Mummy signed u up for the Heinz-Young Parents magazine crawling contest in the spirit of good fun. The whole Chua family with the exception of Gu-gu and Godpa Jon were out in full force at Marina Square Atrium to support and cheer u on.

Mummy was allowed to bring 2 pcs of toys to spurt u on but I think they may have been unnecessary. U started crawling immediately once put down on the floor. The other babies were still figuring out what was happening and u have already bull-dozed to the finishing line. At first I thought it was pure luck that u were first for the heats. But history repeated itself again and you were also very proudly FIRST for the final round, yeh!!!

Mummy couldn’t believe your prowess. Well done princess! You’ve won yourself more Heinz foods and a rocking horse for your playing pleasure. What a wonderful day this is!


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