Some new milestones

31 July 2010

Dear Clarice

It’s the end of July and you’ve just gone for an assessment at Dr Kwang Hsien’s clinic. As of today, you weighed 10.1kg and 79cm. This puts u slightly higher on the height-weight median but not to worry. You’re doing fine.

Dr Kwang Hsien was also amazed that you have a vocabulary of 15 words. Most babies knew about 5 words at this juncture of 12.5 months. You know what are the words u can utter?

1) papa 2) mama 3) car 4) baby 5) bird 6) cat 7) dog 8) cup 9) pour 10) uh-oh 11) book 12) mei-mei 13) bear 14) bye 15) aye

And yesterday, you decided to do a few things which you weren’t very good at doing. Firstly, you could stack cups into a small tower. Wow, previously, you’ll only destroy the towers which mummy has constructed.  And u started scribbling on the doodle board which auntie Viv bought for u! Yeh, your first scribble finally appeared. Before this, you were only interested in putting the pen in your mouth.

And one final milestone was you developed shapes sorting ability. U know how cool this is, for it’s a combination of fine motor skills and cognitive skills to be able to put blocks of diffferent shapes back into Nellie the snail. Mummy is so proud of u.

So what are you capable of doing in addition to your 3 new milestones?

At 10 months, you can put back your toys on request. This was after 2 months of training after u returned from Melbourne at 8 and half months. You also love to water daddy’s plants for him right? Do u know the bougainvilla and orchids have blossomed under your tender loving care? And recently, you could take a baby wipe and clean your table after eating. Isn’t that marvellous!


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