Sleep Training

18 August 2009 (Tuesday)

Dear Clarice,

You are 33 days old today and just celebrated your full month earlier on. However, you have not changed your day and nite confusion and would stay awake for extended hours at nite, crying your lungs out sometimes. This caused much heartache among us who were exhausted and concerned taking care of you.

Mummy called Thomson Medical Centre and heard about their sleep training. Mummy signed up for it in the hope that the investment would turn out well and could change your day and nite patterns.

The head, Mrs Wong, conducted the training from 10am to 4pm. She put u on a routine to wind u down before bedtime and this is how it goes:

1. Warm bath

2. Feed and burp

3. Swaddle, pacifier in, pet and let you drift off to sleep independently. Carrying was minimal if necessary.

U were a wonderful baby. Though u resisted and was crying out loud, u were conditioned to the sleep routine after going thru it twice. Mummy followed it faithfully ever since. It was a precious lesson for us to learn. Babies need routine to feel secure and it was exactly what u need.

It took some time for u to change but once u got the hang of it, u had no problems and all the care-givers around u could sleep tight.

Pix of Clarice in Mrs Wong’s at sleep training


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