New clothes have arrived!

29 April 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Your London gu-gu, Yasmin, has come to Singapore with her new husband, Tim. I’ve asked her to buy heaps for clothes for u on mothercare.co.uk cos it was much cheaper there and I saved a bomb for daddy. U see, for 7 pcs of body suit, it only cost 10 pounds for 1 set and 5 pounds for the 2nd set. It cost $56 for a set here in Mothercare Singapore! Exorbitant, isn’t it? Mummy don’t mean to grudge you new clothes but times are bad and daddy is the sole breadwinner, so we gotta be more penny-conscious with our spending and think for him, ok?

The new clothes arrived today. I realised I’ve bought mainly short-sleeved and sleeveless for you. Guess I did not want to stifle or overdress u since you’ll be born in the heat of summer in July, They’re so cute-looking and there’s even a swimming costume ordered by daddy for u. We feel so excited just at the prospect of dressing u up!

Mummy feels so so hot these past few weeks. Temperatures seem to soar after I hit week 26. I was drenched in sweat most of the time. Water retention has also set in and I get swollen feet sometimes. Nothing to worry about for now, but please continue to bless mummy and keep mummy safe for your smooth delivery, my dear lovey princess.


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