My Baby Flipped On Her Tummy!

3 November 2009

Dear Clarice,

You’re 15 weeks now and progressing well in all aspects of an infant’s development. You’re iintelligent, listen and respond well to audio and visual images, and could hold your head high with your strong strong neck.

So it was with great pride that mummy see you flip over on your tummy for the first time today!

Guess what made your flip? Your pacifier my dear!

Mummy was fed up that you spit it out whenever I put it in your mouth. Hence I put it beside your face and dare you to flip over and get it, if you want it badly enough. You’ve been turning 180 degrees on your side for about 3 weeks now, so I thought it’ll be one of those days.

But you really want your pacifier very very much. So you mustered all your strength, and with all your might, you turned on your tummy and reached for your good friend. Mummy was soooo proud and cheered hooray for u! You did it all by yourself, well done gal! I knew you’re resilient and nothing would get you down.


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