Melbourne R&R

1 to 8 April 2010

Dear Clarice

On 31 March 2010, we board the Emirates EK404 bound for Down Under Melbourne to visit mummy’s best friend, your Auntie Viv, and her family.

We arrived in Melbourne to sunny weather and was welcomed by auntie Viv. The drive to her house in Cheltenham was uneventful as u slept most of the way, though mummy was afraid u would be cranky as u dislike being strapped in a car seat.

We were greeted by 4-yr old Kalan and 2-yr old Keisha, and Daddy Frank upon our arrival. They can’t wait to give u their hugs and kisses, such as hospitable family. Auntie Viv’s house is like a toy house, filled with tons and tons of toys for u to play with. U were most happily playing with these toys and 2 wonderful playmates, especially Kalan, who could break your cries and make up cackle in delight.

It’s not mummy and daddy’s first trip to Melbourne, so there was no pressure to cover 10 tourist destinations like the Great Ocean Rd or Philip Island. Basically we just hang out in the house, cook healthy meals – Laksa, Chicken Rice, grilled chicken, spaghetti, salads. And u tried new food like chicken porridge, pumpkin soup and spaghetti which u loved.

As it was the Easter weekend, we had lunch parties at Auntie Viv and Auntie Eva’s house. U were the centre of attention as everyone ooh-and-ahh as our Asian baby and marvelled at your porcelain skin and thick hair. You also met new friends like Indiah, Millah, Ronan, Liam and Hamish, Grace and Caitlin.

Mummy was delighted to be able to catch up with old friends like Auntie Hui-chuan and Keira whom I’ve not seen in 6 yrs. Auntie Keira was especially dear as she was my best house-mate during my studies in Melbourne. She has got a lovely 2-storey house in Narre Warren South now and is happily dating Uncle Dennis.


With some time off, we visited some weekend markets in Queen Vic and Prahran. We surely went overboard buying baby clothes for u at the DFO near Cheltenham. U have clothes to wear till 4 yrs old!! But we could not resist as they were so affordable brands like Pumpkin Patch, Esprit and Cotton On at factory outlet prices!

For our outing, we managed to visit Healesville Sanctuary and stayed overnight at a cottage in Sanctuary Park. U hated the car seat and sang most of the way on our first drive-out but u learnt to tame down and adapt by singing less and even sleeping in the car seat. Mummy is so proud of u.


Another achievement u did was quitting the sarong u slept in. We could not get u to quit in S’pore and had a hard time on the plane and the 1st two nights with your incessant singing. We practically became human rockers with u. But from the third night onwards, u learnt to fall asleep in the bed and even slept in the bassinet on our flight back to S’pore. It was such a big progress and once again u prove how adaptable and teachable u are.

Sadly good times always came to an end. On this trip, mummy has learnt to try and take things easy on motherhood and to enjoy the moments. Auntie Viv bought appliances to make household chores easier and found her rthym with the kids, work and housework. Auntie Eva even dropped the dishes to watch her 3 boys play baseball so that she would miss a hit. They take pleasure in walking in the park and spending time with each other, not material possessions or wealth. This is what life should be about and mummy hope to impart these values to u.

Hope to see them again soon when u revisit Melbourne as a bigger girl in a few years time.


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