Jaundice Heartache

I7 July 2009

Dear Clarice

I had not want to be blogged about this episode because of the bad memories it triggered but decided to because it was an important portion in your life.

Nurses informed us that you had high jaundice and could not come home with us. Your level was 11.5 and gone up to 12.4. I was devastated to leave u alone there.

Called Dr Kwang Hsien and he diagnosed that u were probably dehydrated. I learnt that I don’t have much milk as a new mother of 3 days, only 5ml was expressed out. I was silly and ignorant to insist on total breastfeeding. We gave in to formula. I was very emotional and in tears that nite.

18 July 2009 – we received good news that u could come home as your jaundice has dropped to 10.9. I was delighted.

20 July 2009 – we brought u to see Dr Kwang Hsien. He was a very patient pedaetrician and diagnosed u well, as well as explained the process of diagnosis to us. I was very grateful to have found him as your pedaetrician.

Pix of Clarice on day 6


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