HK trip – last day, Sayonara

15 Dec 2009 (Tues)

Dear Clarice,

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. We’re not going to market to buy a pig this morning  but off to Mongkok’s Fa Yuen Street, which is the day version of Ladies Street in HK.

It’s a very happening place, bustling with the sights and sounds of the local people and delicacies. We passed by local medicinal halls, roast goose stall, char siew stall, fruit and vege stall to finally reach the fashion stalls. And it’s buy buy buy all the way. As the market serves the locals, prices are more reasonable than the department stores and we bought local products as well as some fashion items for me and Auntie Dawn. You slept through most of it, my dear, so while u were awake, I do hope you absorb some of the hustle and bustle that makes up life in HK.

In the afternoon, we took a stroll at the Flower and Gold Fish markets before heading off to the airport for our flight home. U slept through the ascending of the plane and learnt to blow bubbles as the plane descends to block out the air pressure on your ears. So I guess u’ll be fine by our next flight out, ya baby?


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