HK Trip – day 4, Lantau Island

14 Dec 2009 (Mon)

Dear Clarice,

Rise and be blessed, dear, for we’re off to Lantau Island (Da Yu Shan) today to make our offerings to the Big Buddha.

After walking past the huge Central MTR station previously, we got smart this time and took the red line to Lai Chi station instead. Then it’s just crossing the platform to the Tung Chung line all the way to Nong Ping Cable Car station.

There are 2 kinds of cable car up to Lantau Island now, the standard one and the “Crystal” all transparent type. For the “hanging in the air” feel, we took the Crystal cabin and off we’re hurled more than 1,000 ft up the Lantau Island. But dear Clarice, u had to wail for your milk just as mummy was about to board the cable car, and Daddy + mummy had to prep the bottle and stuff it into your mouth in the middle of our flight. Talk about having octopus hands.

It was a very scenic 25 min ride to see another side of countryside HK – the undulating hills resembling NZ or the Grampiens in Melbourne and the green pristine seawater under our feet. I salute the HK people for being able to build such a long cable car in such treacherous high hills man. It’s really no mean feat!

The foot of the Big Buddha was very touristy with the usual tourist traps of antique, tea and HK munchies shops. After a long walk up, we finally arrived at the foot of the Big Buddha and headed up the 108 steps (after the 108 luohan, I think) to offer our worshipping to the Buddha. It was a huge bronze grand statue and the uphill climb was supposed to make us more in awe of it I guess.

By then, u were so tired that u’re off to la-la land and missed the entire climb, the museum tour of Buddhist scriptures inside the Buddha and a glimpse of Mei Yan Fang’s tablet (late singer Anita Mui). Luckily, u woke up at our descend and was able to catch a last glance at the Big Buddha before we head to Po Lin Monastery for our yummy vegetarian lunch. We managed to catch the Cable car camera as we came downhill. It happened to be the day u turned 5 months old on 14 Dec. What a memorable way to remember the occasion.

Cable car round trip – HKD 157

Vegetarian lunch + Big Buddha entry – HKD 100


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