HK trip – day 3, Stanley Market

13 Dec 2009 (Sun)

Dear Clarice

Rise and shine, darling. Your Uncle Larry and Auntie Dawn have arrived in HK to join us and we’re off to Stanley Market (or Chi Zhu) today.

Enroute, we took bus 6X from Central bus terminal and passed by Repulse Bay, which is a lovely scenic seaside area where the rich in HK stay in their sea-facing pretty bungalows or condos. Stanley Market is something like St Kilda in Melbourne or Danshui in Taipei. It is a little seaside town with bayview restaurants and streets of stalls selling children costumes and adult fashionwear.  Confession, Grandma and mummy went shopping for a few pretty little babywear for you cos u look sooo cute in them.

After the day trip, we headed back to Mongkok where we met mummy’s friend, Auntie Margaret for dinner. She has own little princess too, Tian Ci jie-jie, who took several shots with u. Auntie Margaret and mummy have not met for 10 years, so it was great to catch-up and see how our lives have changed.

U must treasure the friendships you made in life, Clarice. Life is short and good friends are hard to come by. Who knows when we’ll meet Auntie Margaret again? We hope soon, ya?


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