HK Trip – day 2, Disneyland

12 Dec 2009 (Sat)

Dear Clarice,

Wakey wakey, my princess, HK is awaiting to unfold before you. And today is a BIG DAY for u cos we’re going to Disneyland to unravel the magic for you.

As HK MTR stations have narrow ticket gantries, we decided not to travel with your stroller today. But it was a looong trip to Disneyland, requiring us to change at Central to the Tung Chung Line and then moving on to a special Disney line. The Disney train was unlike any other in HK, with special bronze statues of the Disney characters inside glass containers and Mickey cut-out windows. Mummy must say I was quite impressed with their meticulous-ness. The Disney magic begins before the grand entrance.

When we finally arrived at Disneyland, we realised we should have brought the stroller as it was one of the most child-friendly places in HK. But no issue here, cos strollers are available for rent at HKD60. How thoughtful.

After a few shots at the main entrance and with some Disney girls, we proceeded to take the UFO, save the planet with Buzz Light Year, ride the horses on Cinderella’s Carousal, took a round-Disneyland ancient train ride and rounding off the day with a Jungle Cruise, which impressed Grandma the most with its life-like animals, geysers and “volcanic eruptions”.

Of cos, not forgetting your favorite cartoon character, Daddy queued with u for the precious shots with your idol, Minnie Mouse.  Your face literally lit up at the sight of Minnie cos your bedside toy has grown into a life-sized Mouse. Mummy must say that was the most touching moment of the entire trip for me to say your happy little face glowing.

Thank you Disneyland, for the wonderful memories with my darlings.


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