19 November 2009

Dear Clarice

You turned 4 months old on 14 Nov, which happened to be the day on which mummy discovered I was pregnant with you exactly a year ago. And 5 days later on 19 Nov 2008, mummy visited Dr J for my first ultrasound scan and saw you first as a tiny dot in my tummy. That was soo cool and a moving miraculous moment for mummy.

However this year’s first anniversary of our first meeting was memorable for another reason. Somehow, something in your tummy disagree with you and you vomitted the milk which you drank, not once but twice on the afternoon of 19 Nov. Mummy freaked out on your 2nd throwing up for you went all pale and limp. Worst of all, you did not even have the strength to cry but just lie there in a daze.

Mummy scooped you up and called daddy to come home immediately. But first  I had to get you some emergency treatment. I ran to all the 4 neighbourhood  GP clinics in the heavy afternoon downpour  at 5pm. But alas, all of them were closed till 7pm for the change in doctor’s shift. I had no choice but wait for daddy to come back to bring you to KK hospital. The doctors put you on a drip for 24 hours and you were fine for discharge after that, though I must say my heart went out to you when they poke you with the drip.

What a relief to have you fine and safe back in my arms again!


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