Happy New Year

2 January 2009

Dear Jing Jing

We’ve ushered in the new year 2009 and bade goodbye to 2008. And you’re also 11 weeks old in mummy’s womb! What an exciting time.

This year 2009 will be different and marks the beginning of a new phase in our lives because mummy and daddy will have u among our midst come July.

We spent new year’s day at East Coast Park jogging. What a healthy start to the new year, wouldn’t you say? We must keep it up. Mummy always talk to you on our walk along East Coast, pointing out the things and people we saw along the way, do u hear me?

Today, we met a VVIP, u know? Yes, mummy met the President of Singapore, Mr S R Nathan. We even shook hands as I wished him happy new year! Wow, it will mean good luck to us for the rest of the year! Hehe.

Mummy’s feeling the heart beat faster in recent days. Was it you making mummy’s heart work faster? Wow, it’s good to feel you working so hard, but relax ok, mummy can’t take this kind of speed ever so often!


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