Happy birthday, Daddy

14 May 2010

Dear Clarice,

Daddy turns 38 today and it’s the first time u’re celebrating with Daddy. Last year when mummy was pregnant with u, we celebrated it at a oiishi dinner at Wasabi at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

This year, mummy booked a weekend stay at the 6-star hotel Fullerton to pamper Daddy. We ate and dine and swam there, enjoying a relaxing weekend. The pool was a little small but it was a 1.1m infinity pool and u were delighted to waddle in it. We know cos u slept very soundly for 2 hours after the swim 🙂

We were not terribly impressed with the dinner or breakfast. It was good but not as fantastic as Mandarin Oriental. What did impress us was the impeccable service of the hotel staff, sending a cake for Daddy’s birthday, pointing out the handicap path for your stroller and specially preparing porridge so that u can have it for dinner.

All these were very small but thoughtful gestures which made the Fullerton stand out from the rest, I guess. The strive for the perfect service and pride in what we do, isnt’ this what we should strive for in life too?


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