Happy Birthday Clarice

14 July 2010 (Wednesday)


Dear Clarice,

You’re officially one year old today. Happy birthday darling.

One year ago, you were born to mummy amidst the pain of c-section and post-natal recovery but what a joyful-woeful ride this year has been. U had given mummy and daddy ups-and-downs with sleepless nites, colic pain, stomach gastric hospitalisation. But the best parts were your beautiful face and smile, and amazing learning spurts in flipping, crawling, standing and yakking. All these just made the sacrificies and pain seemed so worthwhile. Now that we have you, we’ll never trade for life without thee.

Today, daddy and mummy took the day off work to spend time with Clarice. We brought u to the Botanical Gardens for breakfast and a joy ride in the gardens on your tricycle. After which, we took u to the Marina Barrage where u had fun splashing among the fountains of water. U’re such a climber though and scratched your toes against the cobble-stoned floor without feeling any pain. But this has meant plastering your toes for the next few days.

At nite, we brought u down to Tampines for another birthday celebration. Autnie Sabine baked a strawberry yoghurt cake to mark the occasion. We sang song, cut cake and u had your first taste of the birthday cake. Of cos u can’t handle the cutlery very well, so u fed the table as well with cake. We’ve got all these on digital Kodak moments and it’ll be part of your fond memories.


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