Half way there and breezing through

29 March 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Mummy is in week 23 now and my appetite has improved tremendously after the bout of illness. I could see you’re enjoying your food. I’m eating bigger meals and 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. At least now I could finish the whole bowl and sometimes even go for second helpings. Now I also don’t have bad bloatedness after meals, so I can really let go and eat more.

You’re also kicking more actively these days and nites 🙂 Now I can see why you need the extra energy. Mummy was watching Matrix Revolution till 1am last Sunday. And guess what? So are you, Jing Jing! You stayed up to watch and I think you responded rather alertly to the sound effects of the movie. There was a part when Daddy and I could feel your hands grazing the adominal wall and my whole tummy was hard and taut! We could not believe the strength you possess! Haha, so much strength from such a small life. We’re very proud of you for being so strong.

We’ll hope you’ll be strong mentally and spiritually too. Singapore is tough in school and at work. You’ll need to be just as tough to survive through all this.

Tell you a secret. Daddy and I wished you’ll study hard and be a scholar. We’re actually rather old now, nearly 40 and we wonder if we’ll ever save enough to see you through college.It’ll be great for you and us if you could be self-sufficient and support yourself. We do want the best in life for you but we’re not sure if we could provide it. But you know in life, you need to fight for some things yourself, we can’t just hand you everything. It’s not that we don’t love you. We just don’t want you to take things for granted. Daddy and I went through poverty before and we cherish what we have and each other. So with some hardship, only then will you treasure what you have.


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