Great MPH Book Sale

25 June 2010

Dear Clarice

Reading is a wonderful and powerful habit to cultivate. Mummy believes that when a person loves to read, he/she has the master key to open the treasure chest of knowledge.

Hence Mummy reads to u since one month old and you’ve since acquired 3 favourite story books – The bird who was afraid of heights, Are u my mummy and The sky is blue. Do u know I’ve read The bird who was afraid of heights about 600 times, that the story is engraved in my mind and I can repeat it without referring to the book, ha!

Determined that you should develop a strong passion for reading, mummy is ever on the quest for cheap and good children books. Hence when the MPH sale came on, mummy and daddy chiong down there in the first hours to grab the goodies.

All in all we purchased about 15 books for u at the price of $2 each, what a wonderful deal. There were books about animals, good behaviour from the Princess series and “Pinkalious” trilogy, love, relationships and moral values. We hope you’ll enjoy reading some of these and pick up the love for reading.


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