Full Month Celebration

15 Aug 2009 (Saturday)Dear Clarice,

You are one month old already today, I could hardly believe how time flies, It seems like yesterday that u were born.

On your Chinese full month, grandma and gu-gu got up early to make glutinous rice and red eggs plus ang gu kueh for you. Then they went to the temple to pray for your well-being.

Today, daddy and mummy have organised a big party for u. And what a huge turnout we had. I think probably 100 guests turned up. There were mummy’s colleagues from RP and old time buddies, daddy’s clleagues from Mindef, friends from Monash, relatives from all over. So many guests that we need to split into 2 buffet sessions to accommodate everyone.

Mummy was the proudest when the guests praised how cute u were. Maybe it’s every mother’s pride in believing their childrren were the most adorable, but I sincerely and objectively think so too, hehe.

And my god, u had so many gifts that mummy don’t need to buy toys for u for at least a year. We were very blessed, my dear, to have so many people who loved us and care for us. We wrote an email to thank all the jie-jie and gor-gor, uncles and aunties and promised to treasure their gifts and use them well, ok?



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