First Visit to the Istana

17 October 2009

Dear Clarice

Do you know you’ve met President Nathan even before you were born? It was on New Year’s Day this year and mummy was taking a walk at East Coast Park when we came by the President. As it was the start of the new year, mummy went up to wish him a good year, feeling it’ll be lucky for you too to have your hand held by the President.

So when the Istana opened on Deepavali this year, daddy wanted to bring you there. The grounds of the Istana, my dear. Sprawling greens, tall trees and lovely flowers. Everything was immaculately groomed. Finally we arrived at the “grand palace” where the President hosts his foreign dignitaries. It was luxury but not opulent. Mummy would say the place was tastefully furnished with lovely sofas and chairs. We also saw many gifts given by the foreign dignitaries to Singapore.

Finally the President came out. He sat about 10ft from us under the tentage, listening to the school orchestra perform for him. It was a pity he did not stop for photography for that would be really cool to have you take a picture with him. Mummy hope you’ll return to the Istana one day in full glory to receive the president scholarship. Would you like that too?


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