First Swim

23 August 2009Dear Clarice,

Daddy had this vision of bringing u to the big pool even before u were born. He can’t wait to teach u how to swim. Thus, when we passed by this shop, Hwa Xia, which carries big tub for babies to swim in, we decided to let u try for a dip.

The lady at the shop first prepared u with a massage to help u relax. I think u love it cos u were quiet and cooing throughout, even though it was a total stranger giving u the massage. Then u were given a float to be secured around your neck to help you float and u’re off, treading water gleefully, just like when u were in mummy’s amniotic fluid.

And u sure know how to get attention. The shop had a panel of windows which allows passer-bys to stop and look. U would deliberately swim towards that direction to get the attention and praise of the passer-bys. Though I can’t hear what they were saying, from their expressions, I guessed it must be the CUTE word.

It was as if u were born to swim. U love to tread water and u slept well that nite. Daddy was bought over and signed u up for a 10-session package after that. See how much he loves u, don’t forget to be good to him, ok?


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