First piano

3 June 2010

Dear Clarice,

U went shopping with mummy today at Suntec City after lunch with Auntie Siok, Uncle Ban Ban and Auntie Yvonne. It’s the first time both have seen u and they all commented on what a darling u are.

After which, we moved on the MPH at City Link which was having a major sale. Mummy bought u 5 beautifully illustrated story books which are very educational with a moral in the stories. Guess what, they only cost $6 each. They are:

1) It was you, blue kangeroo

2) Splat

3) Pinkalicious

4) Purplicious

5) Mummy and I

Then we proceeded to Toys R Us at Suntec City where mummy has been eyeing a piano for ages. It was from Little Tikes and was a 4-key piano-xylophone which made beautiful melodies. It cost $29.95. Mummy noticed that Clarice has a good sense of rhythm and hope this piano will be the starting point to nurture that music prodigy within. What say u? Will u play for mummy?


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