First “Overseas” Trip to JB

26 December 2008

Dear Jing Jing

There is this place called Johor Bahru on the northern tip of Singapore called Johor Bahru or JB. It belongs to our good old neighbour Malaysia and is a place that many Singaporeans, your parents included go for cheaper shopping and food.

Your dad sure is a big fan of JB recently. We went not once but twice within the week! The first was with mum’s colleagues from Republic Poly on 18th Dec – Uncles Ban Ban, Andy, Richie and aunties Sarah and Cheng were there too.

Daddy was very sweet that day. He brought mummy to the maternity wear shop and bought 3 new pieces for mummy to wear when Jing Jing grows bigger. They’re really pretty tops and dresses. After that, we went to buy some DVDs and Wii games. Not forgetting you, we bought some Hi-5 and brainy kids DVDs for your learning. You can play the Wii games when you’re older. Would you like that?

The next trip to JB was 4 days later with Daddy’s colleagues – Uncles Junior, Antony, Ash, Andrew and Mark were there, so were aunties Amanda and Lisa. We had dinner – Muslim zi char at a restaurant in Danga Bay. It was all right though the company was great. The aunties and uncles had just returned from a spa trip in Kuantan and they looked radiant.

We’ll bring you overseas more often when you’re older. But I hope you’re not merely the theme park type but will also love the mountains and scenery like we do. I think we’ve kept u in mind for many of our plans and purchases recently. But of course we have to, you’ll be very much a part of our lives!


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