First overseas trip – Hong Kong, Day 1

11 Dec to 15 Dec 2009

Dear Clarice,

Do you know you’re one lucky babe? Mummy did not get on a plane till I’m 26, and Grandma only got on one at 50. But you, my dear gal, hop on the flight at 5 months old!

It was an early morning flight at 6.50am and we had to wake you up at 4am to go to Changi Airport. As it was your very very 1st flight, the air pressure of the ascending and descending plane  got to you and you wailed for a while as the ears hurt. But other than that, it was a relatively uneventful flight and you slept through most of it on daddy’s chest.

We finally arrived at our hotel, Langham Place Hotel, in Mongkok. As it was too early to check in, we went to the adjoining Langham Place Shopping Centre next door for lunch. Christmas has descended upon the shopping venues in HK and there was a huge Wachfield caslte (modelled after a famous Jap anime by the same name) and we took some of your very first shots in a foreign land there.

We went up to the Peak that nite for a peek of HK nite scene. But alas, the altitude meant the cold wintery winds were in full force and it was freezing up there. Unfortunately, that meant we could not stay very long to admire HK’s reputed nite view and had to descend after taking a few quick shots. But guess what, daddy bought you your 1st Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt.

You were so tired when we returned to the hotel that u slept soundly till 10am the next morning. Good nite dear, another adventure awaits you tomorrow.


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