First New Year 2010

1 January 2010
Dear Clarice

Happy New Year, broadcasting from Uncle Mark’s house. He is daddy’s good old friend who has kindly held a Open House and invited us – daddy, me & u, Uncle Andrew  and Auntie Lisa, Uncle Junior, Uncle Antony and Jennifer, Uncle Jeff and Reiko – over for a reunion.

Uncle Mark lives in a condo in Seng Kang. You had a dip in the pool before that and as you had not actually started on solids at this time, you could not partake in the feasting. However, mummy has prepared your favourite biscuits which u munched  down independently, impressing Uncle Junior. And later at milk time, u even held your own milk bottle and gulp down all 4 ounces by yourslef. Uncle Mark was mighty impressed.

We were so pleased with your well-behaved self. You were able to be held by everyone without crying. I think you had Auntie Lynn and Lisa seriously thinking about having kids. Though u dozed off before the new year, u actually woke up half an hour before that, just in time for the count-down. Hmm, makes me wonder if your clock was programmed that way.

Thank you once again Clarice, for coming into our lives and making this new year an extraordinary one.



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