First Hair Shaving

10 Sept 2009 (Thurs)

Dear Clarice

You are two months old today based on the Chinese calendar and grandma has picked this auspicious date as the day for you to shave your birth hair.

Much as I can’t bear to part with your lovely newborn hair, it seems to be for the better to prevent your hair from dropping in patches uglily.

We brought u to Hair Connection, a shop near our home at 10.25am for the momentous cut. It happened so fast, before I could get my videocam ready, your first strands have already dropped on the floor as the hair-stylist wielded her sharp shaver.

Fortunately, you did not cry at all. U just sat quietly as grandma held u and let the stylist do whatever was necessary. I must say that you were cute with lots of hair but there’s another kind of beauty about u even without hair.

Farewell to old hair. Maybe we’ll make a Chinese brush out of it. And cheers to softer glowing hair.


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