First Encounter of the Third Kind

12 June 2010

Dear Clarice

Today is mummy’s and daddy’s 6th ROM anniversary and you’ll be turning 11 months in 2 days. Time flies. This is the first time u’re celebrating our anniversary with us.

As there is a plant fair at Hort Park, we brought u there to see the plants. Nothing much of a carnival to see but we bought a very useful toothbrush in the shape of a curved arch and fits your entire mouth. U love it and can’t stop chewing on it.

What amuses u most was the Hort Park Plant-Flat showroom. It showcased how to bring greenery into one’s abode. In some rooms were designer cat chairs which were your height and you had heaps of fun pushing them around the showroom.

Next in the evening, we went to the Botanical Gardens. There was Opera in the Park performance that day and we decided to expose you to your first Opera encounter. Upon entering the park, we saw some girls in cosplay costume and you had your first cos-play photo taken with one of them. Next we ventured to the park stage which was brimming with people who had come to picnic and listen to a free concert.

Mummy is not sure how much you understand about the opera melodies which were belted out as Pucinni and Time to say Goodbye but you seemed to soak well in the atmosphere. U had fun looking at numerous dogs which were out there and listened intently at some key opera pieces. All in all, quite a successful outing and quality time spent with daddy and mummy.


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