First Christmas

25 December 2008

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…Oh I love Christmas carols, Jing Jing. They’re so heart-warming. Hope you’ll love them too when you’re born.

It’s your first Christmas in mummy’s womb and in tradition, we always invite the family back to our house for a reunioon. Daddy has put up the Christmas tree on the eve to welcome our guests which include your 2 uncles and aunties – Ghee Tat & Cheryl, Choon Pin & Dawn, as well as Grandpa, the 2 Grandmas, auntie Linda and uncle Jonathan. And oh yes, little doggie, Gucci was there too, you can play with it when you’re born.

Daddy was fantastic that day, he whipped up a sumptuous dinner all by himself – just like Jaime Oliver on TV and auntie Linda supplied the kueh pie ti. Mummy just sit and watch and enjoyed the process. There was gift exchange later and I hoped everyone is happy with what mummy has picked out for them.

Your future cousins also came the next day – auntie Sabine who’s dating uncle Jonathan brought her kids – Charlotte & Lennox. They’re rather well-behaved and very sweet German children. Maybe you can pick up a phrase or two from them when you’re born. Mummy intends to teach you at least English and Chinese and whatever smattering of Japanese I know. And the grandparents will of course teach you Teochew and Hokkien. You’ll be a language genius, Jing Jing! Would you like that? It will be an advantage to help you become a global citizen!


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