First baby items

5 March 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Aren’t you a lucky baby. So many people love you so much to give you items which you can use once you’re born. Let us count how many you’ve gotten so far:

1. Pillow – daddy went to babycare fair and nearly went crazy cooing all the cute items there. He has bought you your very own first pillow that will shape your head so that you won’t get flat head.

2. Stroller – auntie Susan has kindly passed us a Graco stroller from your future playmate, her son, Justin. Mummy liked it cos it’s extra light, weighing less than 10kg. So it’ll be easy for us to manoveur when we go out alone.

3. Car seat – auntie Sabine flew back to Germany and got you Lenny’s car seat. It’s from Maxi Cosi, which is extra comfy according to many parents. So you’ll be safe when you travel in daddy’s car in future. Don’t make a fuss about belting down, ok?

4. Cot – auntie Sabine has given you a very sweet portable cot that should last you for 6 months. It’s made of cane and weigh less than 10kg, so it’s light enough to shift around in. It’ll be your very first bed.

5. Carrier – auntie Viv bought a carrier belt from Melbourne and handed it to you. It can be used when we carry you outdoors and strap you in front of mummy or daddy so that you can see how beautiful the world is in front of you.

6. First diary – daddy went to Spring Maternity and saw this 40-week diary in the shop. He bought it cos he wants mummy to document every week of your growth and your photos. It will serve as your first historical documentation of your life’s journey. How cool is that – in addition to this electronic version, you’re gonna have a hard copy too.

7. Mummy went to the baby fair which also handed out free jump suits, diaper samples and wet baby wipes.

Wow, 7+ items and you’re not even born yet. See why mummy says you’re a lucky babe.


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