Crawling and Walking

End Feb 2010

Dear Clarice

You learnt to crawl really fast. Daddy goes away to Thailand for 2 weeks, Chinese New Year came and went, and you learnt to crawl in small steps on the bed.

You must have found this new found skill liberating for u as you could not stop practising. Every wakiing minute, u were on your legs, crawling around in bed, reaching for stuff on the bedside table or any toy I put in bed to entice you.

You must have had more than enough practice, because mummy put u in grandma’s house for a week and when u came home, u could start crawling on the floor with minimal pushing. This was the end of February a nd in a matter of 1 to 2 days, u could crawl from the living room to the study room to the dining room. Soon I guess I need to make the kitchen out of bounds to u.

An even faster progress which surprised mummy and daddy was your ability to pull yourself up a few days later to a standing position. Soon, u’re standing in your cot, beside the sofa, beside the chair, beside the walker, etc. As to whether they’re suitable “pillars” for u to hold on or not did not seem to cross your mind. Guess babies don’t know how to spell SAFETY yet but your adventurous exploration had mummy put her heart in her mouth a few times when u ran into some close shaves of bumping into things, falling on the ground or pulling furniture down!


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