Changes at week 26

16 April 2009

Jing Jing

You’re in week 26 now and I’m glad to say that you’ve learnt to control your appetite well. Mummy is not eating excessively, so my wt maintains at 64kg. With less problem crafting, mummy is sitting down less often now and this lessens the backache, which is good.

However, mummy was down with cough again 2 days ago. It was not as bad as my previous bout of attack but before it got worse, I quickly went to visit Dr Ng who gave me the same medication as last time. Not sure if it’s the medication or is it lack of exercise, do u find we’re sleeping more and more these days? We wake up at 10am and could go to bed at 10pm, sometimes with afternoon naps thrown in too! Have we become 2 sleepy heads or what?!! Can’t continue like this. Got to make better use of our time by reading up on parenting books for example, so that mummy knows how to take care of u when u arrive.

Another pattern I noticed was your kicking. U’re so active from 11am to 5pm these 2 days. But u quieten down in the evenings, so when auntie Dawn tried to touch u yesterday, u were sound asleep and not responding. What a pity, I wanted to show off your powerful kicks!

To listen to your heartbeat and talk to u, daddy has bought an instrument called baby heartbeat listener which allows us to hear u, talk to u and play music to u. However, as u’re just a tiny human being, we can’t really hear your heartbeat yet. So we just to be contented with hearing your kicks, which is quite loud and hard I must say, haha.

Ganbatte. We hope to hear your heart thumping soon!


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