19 Januar 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Mummy has entered the 2nd trimester with you and am now 14 weeks.You’ve been such a good good baby since week 13. Mummy no longer suffer from severe bloatedness after every meal and am enjoying my meals more heartily. I do be wary not to overeat so that I don’t cause pressure on your digestive system, but I’m so glad my appetite has changed for the better. So you’ll get more nutrients from mummy too.

So in a very good mood, mummy brought you to Uncle Andy’s birthday party on 17 Jan. He is mummy’s colleague and has taken good care of mummy at work. He turned 38 this year and his housemate Richie, whom I labelled the “Take Home Chef” for his exemplary culinary skills has prepared a feast of chilli crab, cereal prawns, honey glazed chicken wings and delicious beehoon. Pity crab is not something we could eat during this period as it could harm you, so mummy can only watch as daddy lapped up everything!

The next day, we went to Uncle Jeff’s baby full-month party. Uncle Jeff used to be daddy’s ex colleague in the army. He was also our sword bearer when we go married. You’ll like him, nice chap. His daughter Reiko Quek Shi Hui was born on 22 Dec and reaching one month old soon. She’s such a pretty babe with delicate features. I hope you’ll be born as pretty as her, or even prettier or more handsome! Whoa haha.

The party was well attended by many of Uncle Jeff’s ex colleague. I think he must have been a popular guy at work. You’ll also have a grand party on your first month. We’ll make sure of that. We learnt that we could predict the baby’s gender by counting rice. If 2 grains remains, it means a girl. If 1 grain is leftover, it means a boy. Not sure if we should try that on you.

Now the more urgent question, who would you like to be your godparents?


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