Anytime Now

Week 37 – June 29 to July 4, 2009

Dear Clarice,

We’ve  finally settled on your English name, baby, deciding to name you – “Clarice Chua”. Do you like it? We think it has an elegant, nice sound to it, and carries the meaning of “bright, clear, illustrious”. Daddy even fancy you’ll eventually become Dr Clarice Chua. How cool is that if it materialise?!

Dr J checked on you last Saturday. You weigh 2.6kg now. Wow, that’s a growth spurt of 600g since our last check 3 weeks ago. No more durian for you!

What surprised us however was Dr J said she can feel your head when she did the examination. Now we know u’re head down but we did not know you were engaged until now. And she said you were in a good position to be delivered last week which utterly freaked us out!  So that’s what the minor menses cramp-like symptoms were about – it’s you gettiing ready for labour?!

Thus instead of carrying you to 40 weeks, mummy is likely to give birth to u within these 2 weeks. That put us in fast mode! We quickly went to Auntie Po Lin’s house and got a changing table and a Combi stroller from her – for you. Now the only thing left if your outstanding cot. After that, we even went to Buckaroo restaurant at Sembawang to have a “final couple dinner before baby comes” and a stroll at Sembawang Park. It makes me feel nostalgic as it felt like reliving our dating days at Kent Ridge and Mount Faber again!

Granny even checked the “tong-shu” and said July 4 and 9 are auspicous dates for u to be born. So that’s what u’ve been hearing daddy said these few days. He’s really keen on your birthday being July 4 as it’s US Independence Day. But no sweat, ok, just let nature takes its course. We welcome u anytime into the family.


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