Amnio at 17 weeks and 35-inch waist

10 February 2009

Well done, Jing Jing. Give mummy a hi-5. We’ve both done well at yesterday’s amnio test I think. Prof T said it went well and now we just have to wait for the results. Let’s recap what happened. And FYI, daddy was so good yesterday. He took the day off to accompany mummy to the clinic and was very encouraging throughout.

9 Feb 2009, Monday.

Went in to KK ADC Clinic at 8am. Registered and did some detailed scan. Saw head and limbs measurements. Sonographer looked rather stern, she hardly smiled or spoke to us but said all looked normal. That’s good enough for me.

9am, entered room for amnio. Told to lie down on bed.

Prof T: “Just relax and breathe slowly. I’ll do a scan first and tell u when the injection is coming. When that happens, do not move suddenly or take quick breaths. Just breathe normally, all right?”

I nodded docilely. Scan performed and I saw you swam to the left hand side of the womb. Prof F found a spot on the lower right adomen. He teared open the packet of sterilised needle while a nurse stood by with a transparent rubber tube and test tube.

Prof T: “Ok, injection coming.” And before I could react with an “ok”, he already poked it into me and pushed it on.

Me: “Aw!” I let out a little yell, as I felt the numbing effect of menses cramp. The nurse quickly hold the rubber tube over me and drew out the amnio fluid.

Me (thinking to myself): “Hmm, it looked a little yellowish, like light coloured urine.”

A minute later, the procedure was over and Prof T removed the needle as quickly as he inserted it. I was cleaned up and a plaster put over the wound.

Prof T: “Go home and rest for the next 2 days, don’t lift heavy stuff, don’t walk around too much, don’t jump at every phone call, don’t think about it. You’ll know the results in 2-and-a-half weeks.”

Don’t think about it, I’ll try to remember his mantra. There was still a light numbing pain yesterday as I tried bed rest as much as possible. Felt much better today and could move around without feeling any pain.

Jing Jing, you’ve done well holding this up. Mummy is sorry to put you through this. Now, please prove the results will show you’re healthy and normal and the blood test was wrong. Mummy loves you.


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