3rd Meeting

12 Dec 2008

Dear Jing Jing,

Today is mummy and daddy’s third meeting with you. It was such as wonderful experience you know, because it was unlike our previous 2 meetings. You’ve not only grown from 1cm to 1.8cm, we can also see your head and limbs distinctly.

The best part is, you MOVED! We couldn’t believe it. When Dr J insert the scanner near you, it was as if you saw it coming. We saw your legs kicked and arms jerked twice. Daddy was exhiliarated and over the moon. He kept saying you were soooo cute! Mummy was in tears of joy as usual.

It’s really an amazing experience to see you grow so well and so actively. Grandma said it’s a sign that you’re smart. Haha, See how she dotes on u already. Dr J said your heartbeat continued to be strong, which is a relief.

Take care, all right, we’ll see you again on 7 Jan for the First Trimester Scan (FTS). Do be strong and well and give us positive test results.


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