First Story Book

15 December 2008
Have you heard of a bird who is afraid of heights? Birds fly high in the sky, so it’s ridiculous right? But mummy’s friend, Uncle Soh Ee Shaun, was smart enough to team up with his friends to come up with a story book and published it.Can you beat that? It’s no mean feat to publish a book, and a children’s book at that, and have someone pay for it! But Uncle Shaun is not anybody. He’s mummy’s very very talented colleague from Republic Polytechnic and he’s a great cartoon illustrator who has done many many works. You could catch his works atwww.eeshaun.com when you grow up.He was so delighted to see daddy and mummy at his book launch at Books Actually, a boutique bookshop in Ann Siang Road. It was well attended by many of his friends and mummy was lucky enough to get up close and personal to get an autograph from Uncle Shaun. You’ll be able to read this book when you’re born. We hope you’ll cultivate the good habit of reading for books are the window to the world!

I also relived some of my childhood memories in this cozy bookshop. Mummy found an old typewriter amongst the shop’s collection. It was the EXACT same one which mummy’s father owned when he was alive. Mummy even first learnt how to type on the machine. Gosh, we threw away the machine when we shifted house and I never expected to see it again. There were also old copies of Hardy Boys and Enid Blyton’s books. These were mummy’s childhood reading and has helped me to craft several impressive compositions. What will you be reading in your generation? Would you repeat my footsteps and read the same stuff that mummy has read before? How cool is that?!


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