38 and a Mum-to-be

25 April 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Mummy turned 38 on 24 April 2009 when I was in my 27th week of conceiving you. It made my birthday all the more unusual cos:

1) it’ll be the last time mummy spent it alone with daddy

2) it’ll be a threesome next year with u as our new addition and joy

3) I’m carrying a miracle baby at 38 when I thought it was not possible!

To celebrate this special occasion, it was lunch at Renn Thai for an appetising Thai lunch at Clarke Quay where we had Olive Rice, Pineapple Rice and the shiok shiok Tom Yum Soup.

That nite, daddy brought mummy to a posh, luxurious, decadent Italian restaurant called Forlino. It was opened by one-star Michelin chef Osvaldo from Italy. I absolutely loved the food there. We ordered the $120 Degustation Menu which comes with at least 8 course I reckon, complete with appetizer and dessert. The food was divine and cooked to perfection, especially the beef and risotto. I’ve never liked risotto cos it looked and tasted soggy but I must say that nite, my impression of the dish changed. It’s not that I don’t like the dish, it’s just that I’ve not met the right chef who cooked it right like Forlino. It was fine-dining at its best.

I can’t imagine that if this is the standard of a 1-star Michelin chef, what can I expect from a 3-star Michelin chef? Would it be over the top?! I’ll probably think I’m in heaven. Do join us next year, we look forward to your lovely company.


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