32 weeks and apprehensive

30 May 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Mummy is carrying u for 32 weeks now. How time flies. It’ll be another 8 weeks before u’re born if mummy carries u to full term. It seems like yesterday that i found out i was pregnant with you and taking my own sweet time to plan what I’ll do, the books I’ll read, the things I’ll buy and decorate your room. Now it’s like worrying about how to take care of u when u are born and what kind of parents we’ll be. The apprehension makes me wanna bite my nails.

But now, I’m not much further away from the books I’ve read, except perhaps I’m slightly more in-tune on baby care books now. Daddy and I have bought heaps of clothes for u, as we’re really excited to dress u up. There’s no room for u yet, cos u’ll sleep with mummy for the time being so that it’ll be easier to feed u.

As for how to discipline u, we really have no concrete plan yet, cos it all depends on how u turn out. But there’s a consensus that we’ll reason with u, we’ll not shout at u unnecessarily and hopefully we’ll never never have to use the cane on u cos we love u too much to do that. Thus with regards to this, I guess it’s trial and error as we go along and learn with u along the growing up journey. there’s some discipline methods I like – such as the japanese method where the kids seem to behave themselves in public and is able to help their mothers in the household chores. How did they end up being so disciplined is something I like to emulate.

But one thing  we like u to remember is as much as we’re grateful to conceive u, we’re prepared to make sacrifices for u, and we hope u’ll appreciate and be filial to us, ok darling?


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