31 weeks and the end draws near

25 May 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Mummy is 31 weeks now. I did not put on much wt still, about 4kg to tip at 65 kg.

We went for a recent scan at Dr J’s on 16 May, when you were week 30. According to her, u weigh 1.6kg, that’s about average weight, so not too big. But she did say u’ll have long limbs like daddy, so u’ll be a tall baby when u come out. Daddy thinks it’s cool u’ll be like a supermodel. I’m contented if u do well in your studies, we can leave out the frills like these.

We can see u literally move across the belly since wk 28. So it has been our favourite pastime to see how u respond to our talking and start kicking out of my tummy skin, haha, so entertaining, better than TV!

I’m now looking forward to June 4. We finally got a booking to do a 3D/4D scan of u at Thomson Medical. We think it’ll be cool to see u real time on video and keep it as a memento. Paying a nominal sum for it is no issue, cos there’s no way we can ask u to go back to the tummy and do a 4D scan after u’re born, right?

So please be good, get into the habit of waking up around 3pm in the next 2 weeks, cos that’s your scan time. Don’t hide in the womb, show your lovely face and wave at mummy + daddy on June 4, ok? See ya soon.


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