25 weeks, 37 inches, 64kg and still expanding

7 April 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Daddy and mummy saw u on the ultrasound at Dr J’s new clinic at Thomson Medical Centre today. We missed u so much cos it’s been 5 weeks since out last meeting. I’ve never waited so long to see u before.

Did u like the new clinic? Personally I dun like TMC cos it’s smaller and more cramped after spacious KK. But I appreciate the coziness of her clinic and the shorter waiting time. But it’s also pricier by $25 per consultation compared to KK cos your scan is a separate charge. Sigh, what to do?! Do u want to become a doctor? Then mummy can visit u for free when I fall sick next time.

How do u look in the scan? For the first time, u’re head down and your legs are kicking upwards. U do like an inverted acrobat, haha. Is this a new pattern u’re trying out? Your kicks are so powerful now. Well done but be gentle on mummy, ok?

Today we spent a lot of $$ on you too. We paid $148 for the TMC first born incentive card. It’s supposed to entitle us to discounts in the hospital. Next we also paid $192 for 5 parent craft sessions to learn how to take care of u. See how much u cost us? But Daddy pay up willingly cos he loves u so much, so u must be filial to him ok?

Now that I’m 25 weeks pregnant with u, some changes have occurred to me, here they are:

– my waist is now 37 inches and the tummy feels hard and round!

– I’ve finally put on wt, from 62+kg to 64kg. This is my 2nd wt gain since I had u. I had one wt gain at wk 5 but I lost it soon after I lost my appetite. I am rather relieved that I’m finally gaining wt but Dr J is right, we should eat less sugar and more proteins. So let’s work together on a healthy diet, ok?

– my bladder is weaker now and this requires frequent trips to the toilet. That’s partly because you’re head down and pressing on my bladder and partly becos my muscles are weakening in preparation for childbirth.

– my backache worsens. I realise I’m beginning to feel your weight in front from last week onwards and that perhaps worsens the backache.

– my feet started to swell on Sunday nite, 5 April. I’ve got fat legs and tiny toes, cute in a way and my shoes suddenly don’t fit overnite! Dr J said it’s nothing to worry about, and luckily it goes away easily with some light walking exercises.

– my appetite increases overnite too since last Sunday. Are u spurting in growth and requires more food now, Jing Jing? Mummy loves to eat for your sake but we must eat in moderation so that we don’t put on so much weight, and have a diffuclt time losing it after birth, ok?


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