15 weeks and growing

28 January 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Today is your 5th visit to Dr J’s clinic. It’s slightly different from previous visits this time as my mother, your granny has came along so that she could see how you’re progressing in mummy’s womb.

And my god, was it you kicking mummy this morning? I had felt sudden jabs of slight pain in the tummy and wondered if it was you pushing against the walls of the uterus. During the scan, you were so active. First you were sitting with your head on the right hand side, then you started waving your hands when the scanner pressed on you. Slowly you turned vertically towards us and started shaking both hands up and down. Oh, and I thought I saw you smile, am I right? That was so adorable. Finally, you settled down on the left hand side and sat, so it was not possible to see your sex yet. Playing hide and seek with mummy, are you?

Dr J said you’re growing well, about 10 cm now with normal heartbeat. But why is it mummy keep having stomach acid reflux? Didn’t everyone say the 2nd trimester would be a breeze? Jing Jing, can you try not to have any reflux please? Mummy feels terrible, had trouble sleeping or lying down cos the reflux makes me sick. Be good ok?

Dr J said she’ll be switching to private practice at Thomson Medical Centre from April 1. Should we follow her and bring you there too, that is a decision which we have to make later.

Your next visit to KK is on 9 Feb for the amnio. Please be good and be sure to prove the previous tests wrong – you’ll be a healthy baby and will yield good results. Mummy loves you very very much, bye bye.


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