London Gugu’s wedding

9 May 2009

Dear Jing Jing

It was an eventful 30th week for you for you’ve witnessed your London Gugu’s wedding in S’pore. Mummy knew u probably enjoyed it for you were kicking vigorously in my tummy throughout the dinner, haha.

There hasn’t been a wedding in daddy’s family for more than 4 years since our turn in 2004, so it was with great delight that the family welcomed back the youngest sister, Yasmin and her new husband Tim, when they returned to Singapore to hold their wedding banquet.

The wedding was held on 10 May 2009, which happened to be Mother’s Day this year. This was the first time Mummy celebrated with you in my tummy, so I’m officially qualified as a mother-to-be now.

That morning, London gu-gu went to Singapore River and Ann Siang Hill to take photos with Tim. She was a great poser and modelled herself well, to the great delight of the photographer, Eric. The pics turned out great as she was really photogenic.

The Chinese dinner was held at Tung Lok Seafood restaurant in East Coast Park amidst much fanfare and well-wishes. U can catch some of the highlights at this link:http://beezybody.multiply.com/photos/album/56/Yasmin_Tim_Ellis_Wedding_10_May_2009

London gu-gu left with her new husband for England this morning. Think grandma and grandpa were sad to see her leave but she’ll be back soon to see you after u’re born, I believe. Yesterday, we went to the chalet where she stayed to have the tea ceremony. Here in the pics, u can see them serving tea to daddy and mummy as we were her “elders”. Mummy bought her a lucky-star necklace from the Metropolitan Museum of New York, which she opened with much care in front of me. It made me rather touched to see her handle it with care.

When u’re older, hopefully we can all go to London to visit Auntie Yasmin and Uncle Tim, I’m sure you’ll love that, right?


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